Helium Calibration Gas - 99.999% vol. (He)

By Gasco



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  • Precision Helium (He) calibration gas used to calibrate sensors in Helium (He) gas detection equipment for environmental emissions monitoring, industrial hygiene monitors and trace impurity analyzers.
  • Exceeds or meets the requirements of Gas Detection Equipment Manufacturers
  • Fully compatible with all manufacturers' calibration sensors, equipment and detectors
  • Precision blended and inspected to industry standards - National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable and certified
  • Made in the USA by GASCO, ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Contact us for custom Helium calibration gas mixtures.

Subject to hazardous materials shipping requirements.

Disclaimer: This product may be harmful to ones health if not used in the proper manner. This product is strictly intended for the use of calibrating gas detection instruments. Please refer to SDS.

Technical Specs

Target Gas: Helium (He)
Concentration: 0.99999 by volume
Balance Gas: Not applicable
Gas Type: Non-Reactive
Cylinder Sizes:
Steel: 17 Liter, 34 Liter, 103 Liter, 221 Liter
EcoSmart: 44 Liter, 58 Liter, 66 Liter, 116 Liter
Part Numbers: 17L-He, 34L-He, 103L-He, 221L-He, 44ES-He, 58ES-He, 66ES-He, 116ES-He
Compatible Part Numbers: Compatible with Helium calibration sensors requiring the specified concentration and balance gas.
Manufactured by: Gasco Affiliates, LLC
Shelf Life: 48 Months
Regulator Compatibility: 17L & 34L: CGA 600 valve inlet
221L: CGA 165 valve inlet (requires adapter)
103L & EcoSmart: C-10 valve inlet

CGA 600 Regulators:
Control Valve (CV-2)

CGA 600 & C-10 Regulators:
Fixed Flow (70 Series)
Demand Flow (75-DFR)
Dial-a-Flow (74-DAF)
Fixed Flow Push Button (73-PBR)
Trigger Control Fixed Flow (70-Trigger)
Flow Matching Valve (72-MFV)

Tubing Compatibility: Teflon Tubing

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