Demand Flow Regulator (75-DFR)

Demand Flow Regulator (75-DFR)

By Gasco


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The 75-DFR demand flow regulator must be used with gas detectors with internal or external sample draw pumps.  Made of high quality nickel plated brass and a 1000 PSI guage.

Valve Inlet: C-10 or CGA 600
Fits Cylinder: Aluminum: 34L, 58L, 74L, 116L
Steel: 103L, (221L with adaptor)
EcoSmart: 44L ES, 58L ES, 66L ES, 116L ES
Flow Rate: Demand Flow - instrument pump draws needed flow rate
Gauge PSI: 1000 PSI
Material: Nickel Plated Brass
Part Number: 75-DFR, 75-DFR/CGA600
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