Carbon Dioxide Bump-It Gas - 99.999% vol. (CO2)

By Gasco


Balance Gas: not applicable


Buy Carbon Dioxide Bump-It Gas, 5.0% vol. (CO2) - FREE shipping over $299* and Lowest Price Guarantee*.

Specially Designed for Bump Testing or Checking Single Gas Monitors

- 25 to 30 bumps per cylinder
- Light and portable to carry
- Not subject to HazMat shipping surcharge (non-aerosol, non-flammable and low pressure)

  • PrecisionCarbon Dioxide (CO2) bump test gas used to test sensors in Carbon Dioxide (CO2) gas detection equipment for environmental emissions monitoring, industrial hygiene monitors and trace impurity analyzers.
  • Exceeds or meets the requirements of Gas Detection Equipment Manufacturers
  • Fully compatible with all manufacturers' calibration sensors, equipment and detectors
  • Precision blended and inspected to industry standards - National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable and certified
  • Made in the USA by GASCO, ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Contact us for custom Carbon Dioxide bump test gas mixtures.

Technical Specs

Target Gas: Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Concentration: 0.99999 by volume
Balance Gas: Not applicable
Gas Type: Non-Reactive
Cylinder Size: 25 to 30 bumps per cylinder
Part Numbers: BumpIT-35
Compatible Part Numbers: Compatible with Carbon Dioxide calibration sensors requiring the specified concentration and balance gas.
Manufactured by: Gasco Affiliates, LLC
Shelf Life: 48 Months
Regulator Compatibility: Aerosol trigger attached to cylinder.

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